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Glocal Youth

Under the theme “Glocal Youth”, our vision is to combine global and local dimensions, towards the process of social transformation.

Glocal because...

... we view EYC as an opportunity to share and exchange existing good practices between the local and international level, thus contributing to a more cohese Europe, inclusive of its local/regional diversities.

we want to create new opportunities for empowerment towards the practice of a global Citizenship, active at local level but aware and incorporating the complexity of the global dimension.

we believe that this generation can only be fully engaged in the access to rights – and youth rights in particular – if it is aware of the importance of an intergenerational dialogue with a long-term vision of the world.

Change in society is a natural process, but we see the EYC as an opportunity to boost and shape this development, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive society.