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The underlying idea of Cascais 2018 - European Youth Capital is to bring together young people not only from Cascais or Portugal but also from diverse countries and geographic points of Europe. This contact will foster intercultural learning and a practical sense of being European.


Image removed.Specific actions focused on European topics will highlight the European dimension of the event, but the overall philosophy is based on the founding principles and values of European Citizenship. The celebration of Youth and of being a European capital has in itself a huge content of European Identity.

Issues like European citizenship, mobility, creativity, personal and social development are topics that interest young people. Creating opportunities for training, for exchange and for engagement and development will contribute to create a new generation of active and open European citizens.


Image removed.It is of the upmost importance for Cascais EYC2018 that all young people have the rights, means, space and opportunity to be heard, particularly the more excluded ones such as economically disadvantaged youth, young people with a migrant background, ethnic minorities, LGBT, religious minorities, among other. We will work closely with civil society organizations and intermediary actors who are already working with specific population targets. The Municipality itself, through its Social Intervention division, has privileged contact with these groups, developed through a continuous solid work in the field and in the more disadvantaged neighborhoods of Cascais. Together we will bring not only the voice of all young people closer to policy makers, but we will actively engage them in thinking, preparing, implementing and participating in the activities of the program. Several organizations and stakeholders with proven experience in working towards social inclusion in the field (both locally and nationally) will be invited to integrate the management structure of the EYC2018, guaranteeing that social inclusion is a permanent concern in all the dimensions of the program.


Image removed.Cascais EYC2018 strongly values a bottom-up approach, gathering from the beginning the contribution of young people, youth associations and other partners involved and building on that to create the general framework of the EYC. The idea is to create a co-management process, with task forces for the implementation of each activity composed by local partners, young people and Cascais EYC2018 Office thus creating synergies, a broader participation and guaranteeing quality. The competences that each partner bring with its own specificity allow the global structure to become rich, full of exchange and multiplication of value and impact.   

In order to get the local (organised and non-organized) youth involved, not only in activities but also at the institutional level, several methodologies will be used, such as:

  • different kind of meetings (for preparation, promotion, reflection), with different groups of young people (un-organised, informal groups from disadvantaged backgrounds, groups in schools, etc);
  • online methods, like pools and forums where people can contribute;
  • open calls to youth associations, informal groups and other relevant NGO’s;
  • specific events prior to 2018 to disseminate the EYC and collect inputs from young people (eg: thematic workshops, street actions, collective mural, etc).

These ideas will also be further developed by young people themselves.


Image removed.In the specification of the activities’ plan, it is our concern to reach an appropriate structure in terms of timescale throughout the year and geographic distribution, within the municipality, and also with an impact at national and international level.

Guaranteeing sustainability, all ideas put forward by young people throughout their participation in the program of activities will be taken into consideration by the management structure of the EYC2018, made visible to the public and passed on to the work both of the municipality’s youth department as of the Local Youth Council.