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10/2016 - 07/2017




Developed in the field of Cascais European Youth Capital 2018 (EYC2018). The aim of this project is to stimulate the building of European businesses promoting social inclusion and cultural diversity by sharing and exchanging on common themes of concern as the main priorities for European and local youth policies.




- Encourage debate, an exchange of ideas and a common understanding on issues relevant to young people, youth participation, active citizenship, European identity, social inclusion, volunteering, and employability.

- To know as local realities and to exchange good practice in order to inspire and gather ideas on what defines a "city that is friendly to young people" and a new European city of youth.

- Develop social and individual skills through non-formal learning, such as communication skills, work and teamwork, resilience and critical thinking.

- Promote expression, creativity, initiative and the building of a European identity through active approaches to education through the arts.

- To awaken positive and open attitudes towards other cultures, promoting intercultural dialogue.

- Create a stronger relationship between partner cities involved.


TARGET: Young people between the ages of 18 and 25



This is a project that will include, over 2 years, several activities:


Meetings Glocal Europe Cascais

Monthly meetings in Cascais between October 2016 and June 2017, whose purpose is to promote social interaction and keep participants engaged and motivated, to promote personal learning, to create a positive impact in the community and to idealize contributions to CEJ2018.


Bilateral exchange Italy

When & Where: Perugia - November 25 to December 3, 2016


Bilateral exchange Hungary

When & Where: Kecskemét - April 5-13, 2017


Bilateral exchange Serbia

When & Where: Novi Sad - July 2017


Bilateral exchange United Kingdom

When & Where: Manchester - September 2017


Multilingual Exchange Cascais

When & Where: Cascais - July 2018

Theme: European Citizenship - will encompass a perspective of the previous themes as well as values, identity and cultural diversity in the European space.

Who: Cascais (host - 14 participants + 2 group leaders) + Kecskemét, Manchester, Novi Sad and Perugia (sending, each country - 9 participants + 1 group leader)



Intermediate event "Gloconnections"

An activity that will involve the participants in all the projects of exchange in all the countries. The specific format will be decided by the partners, but it will be something online, possibly simultaneously to share results/contributions/experiences. For example an online conversation, a sharing of videos produced by young people, a mini arts contest (photography, text, music, etc.), special editions of games/articles/images on social networks, etc.

When: June 2017




All participants will be invited to participate in the Glocal Europe meetings, during which the selection process will take place.

The selection will be made by the project management team, based on the application form and through non-formal education dynamics through which the motivation, commitment and group spirit of young people will be realized.


It is intended to select motivated participants to be involved in the total duration of the project, accompanying not only the exchange in which they will participate but all other activities.




- Be between 18 and 25 years old (compulsory);

- Gender balance;

- A balance between young people who do not have previous experience of participating in youth projects and young people who are locally involved in civic movements, youth organizations, youth programs, etc.

- Preference to those who live or frequent education in the municipality of Cascais;

- % of vacancies for young people with fewer opportunities (whether young people from more disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, those who are marginalized, young people with special physical needs, or young immigrants or ethnic minorities who are most vulnerable);

- Motivation and group spirit showed in the application form and in the selection meetings;

- Availability to be involved in the total duration of the project (exchange and other activities over 2 years).


The level of communication in English, as well as previous experiences of international mobility, will also be taken into account in the selection process.




Accommodation, food, insurance and international travel expenses are all borne by the Municipality of Cascais with the support of the Erasmus + (Youth in Action).


In case the total cost of the trip exceeds the amount defined by the Erasmus + Program, the participant shall bear the surplus value.


For more information: | 214 815 948