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Cascais 2018

A Youth Capital For a Glocal Change

This project wants to contribute to enrich the program of EYC2018 by creating a strong link with the principles and the actions of Erasmus + program. The idea behind the project is, in fact, to make Cascais EYC2018 a key moment in the current international process of reinforcement of the youth sector and its organizations and policies. Hence, the project intends to develop meaningful youth participation and to foster social inclusion by empowering young people and including them in a structured dialogue on youth related policies based upon the concept of “Glocal” citizenship.
The project is composed by 3 interdependent activities: a training course, evs exchanges and a seminar.




1. TC "Glocal Youth for Social Transformation"

TC on Global citizenship education for an active citizenship and social transformation
For youth worker in charge of preparing and accompanying the next EVS volunteers and work throughout the year on this theme at local level, multiplying in their countries the main message and values of Cascais EYC2018.
When?  20 to 28 January 2018
Where?  Cascais, Portugal
To who?  Interested people to cooperate at the European Youth Capital at Cascais; EVS coordinators, Youth Workers and Youngsters who volunteer at youth organizations.
Costs? The accommodation, food, transportation and other activities are financed by the project. To take part on this TC you need to be a member of Rota Jovem - that means you have to fill a form and pay a membership fee of 12€/year.


2. EVS “Youth Going glocal”

Volunteering activities to practice glocal citizenship in a local reality with an international identity: Cascais!
How many months: 5months x 2rounds
How many pax: 4 volunteers for each round (1 volunteer for each partner organization)
Who: young people from 18 to 30 years old
   1 flow: 06/02/2018 - 06/07/2018
          Countries: Italy, Slovenia, Estonia, UK

   2 flow: 16/07/2018 - 3/12/2018
         Countries: Spain, Denmark, FYROM, Finland


3. Seminar “Making youth Glocal actors”

A seminar to reflect about innovative youth policy on glocal citizenship, to exchange best practices in terms of citizenship activities for social transformation and to present local level activities’ resulted by activities 1 and 2of the project.
When: 9-17 December 2018


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