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ENRYP - European Network of Regional and Local Youth Platforms

ENRYP - European Network of Regional and Local Youth Platforms is a project funded by Erasmus + Program which aims to create a space where young people operating in local youth platforms in various EU countries are able to share and exchange good practices on common topics of interest such as youth participation, active citizenship, EU awareness and social inclusion without other intermediary youth structures.

Reaching a common ground for such a big group and from various backgrounds isn’t an easy task to do, so the best methodology for it, is through non-formal education. Everyone had the chance to express their opinion through effective and creative ways, to get involved in the local level youth platforms.  

Through the active participation of young people in decision-making process, it’s possible to reach a possible European network. 

In the end, it was possible to create a “pilot” European network capable of establishing and strengthening the international cooperation among youth platforms how promotes the empowerment of young people at local to global level.  However, it’s important to have the right know-how to implement these primary ideas and give them support during future practices.  The group that was in this discussion showed the capacity to implement the main objectives of this mobility project in a long-term process.

It's important to maintain this international cooperation because, besides the differences and the gaps between this 5 countries, the strength created during this short period of time showed that we can make a real difference and provides a global participation.