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TU na Europa!

You In Europe project is the implementation at municipal level of the 6th Structured Dialogue Cycle, which is an articulated process at European level, with national implementations, running from July 2017 to December 2018, under the Presidencies of the European Union, Estonia, Bulgaria and Austria.

In Portugal, the Structured Dialogue is coordinated by the National Youth Council.


This cycle aims to consult with young people on the priorities, participation mechanisms and models of the support programs of the forthcoming European Youth Strategy.


If you are between 16 and 30, we want to know what moves you, what worries you, what you expect from Europe and what you can also contribute to building a more inclusive space and with better opportunities for all.


Come to the session that will be held in Cascais, next February 17th, at 3 pm, in Loja Cascais Jovem.


You just need to sign up for the form available here.


In the meantime you can also respond to the online questionnaire available here.


You can follow the rest of the process on the facebook page of the National Youth Council.