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Mafeking Talks

Mafeking Talks

14th and 15th april 2018


The Mafeking Talks is an international conference, where the best of what is done in Scouts/Guiding in Portugal and in the world is shown through informal conversations between scouts (or) and guides . There will be 37 speakers, 4 stages, 3 associations and 250 participants!



April 14-15th, 2018



The Mafeking Talks will take place in four different locations, in the iconic surroundings of the center of Cascais. The program is designed so that everyone can walk from stage to stage without wasting time to listen to the topics that matter most!


Topics covered:

 Social projects

 BP today

 Testimonials Scouts and Guiding in the world

 How to have days with 36h?

 Parents and Safety

 Patrols and the communication challenge

 Scouts as an inclusion method

 Conflict management

 The Challenges of Scouting/Guiding in different Times

 Leadership and coaching

 Influence of scouts/guiding in employment

 Technology in the activities

 "I" in uniform/"I" without an uniform


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