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Tu Na Europa – Sessão Cascais 2018

A session of the project "Tu Na Europa", organized by CNJ in partnership with Cascais 2018 - European Youth Capital, was held on 17 February in Cascais, in the Cascais Jovem Shop.

The Tu Na Europa project is the implementation at the national level of the 6th Structured Dialogue Cycle, a process articulated at European level, with national implementations.

For those who are not yet familiar with this theme, the Structured Dialogue allows young people and policy makers to discuss various issues related to youth, ensuring that the opinions of young people contribute to the definition of Youth policies of the European Union.

In Portugal the Structured Dialogue is coordinated by the National Youth Council and is one of Cascais's priorities as European Youth Capital.

Using non-formal education methods, 8 areas were discussed during this session. For each area, the participants prioritized the issues that they consider to be the most priority, depending on their experiences, and have studied in greater detail in them.

Get to know which areas were approached and which are the questions that young people have focused more on solving the problems inherent in them.


Areas and questions:

Prepare the future

- In a future Europe, what are the most important skills that young people need to obtain through education.

- What can prepare young people for the types of work that are likely to exist in the future

Mental health and wellness

- What can empower young people to create realistic goals and life expectancies?

- What can empower young people to deal with stressful situations and times of crisis?

Survival Guide to the World

- What can enable young people to navigate independently in today's excess information?

- What can enable young people to have a respectful and non-violent dialogue with those who have opinions very different from yours?

Youth and the European Union

- What has to be changed so that the young people fully understand and support the European Union and its institutions?

- How can the European Union support young migrants arriving in their countries?

Equality for all

- What can empower young women and girls to overcome discrimination and inequality?

- What can be done to empower young people from marginalized contexts to participate fully in society?

Challenges of Interiority

- What has to be changed to ensure that young people living in rural areas have access to opportunities similar to those of urban youth?

- What has to be changed to make rural areas more attractive to young people?

Youth and the Environment

- What is the role that young people can play in the environmental agenda and for sustainable development and how can this be achieved?

- How can European youth programs become accessible to a wider and more diverse set of young people?

Where I want to be: access, participation and personal growth

- What types of space should young people have access to in order to boost their personal, cultural and political growth?

- What opportunities and instruments do young people need to influence the democratic and social decision-making process on a daily basis?