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Tu Na Europa – Cascais 2018 Session

Tu Na Europa – Cascais 2018 Session

17 feb

On February 17th Cascais Jovem store in Cascais receives a session of the project "Tu Na Europa", organized by CNJ in partnership with Cascais 2018 - European Youth Capital

The Tu Na Europa project is the implementation at the national level of the 6th Structured Dialogue Cycle, a process articulated at European level, with national implementations.

For those who are not yet familiar with this theme, the Structured Dialogue allows young people and policymakers to discuss various issues related to youth, ensuring that the opinions of young people contribute to the definition of youth policies in the European Union.

In Portugal, the Structured Dialogue is coordinated by the National Youth Council and is one of Cascais's priorities as European Youth Capital.

Using non-formal education methods, 8 areas were discussed during this session. For each area, the participants prioritized the issues that they considered to be the most priority, depending on their experiences, and looked at them in greater detail.

Find out what areas were covered and what questions the young people focused on solving their inherent problems here!