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Cascais 2018 @ Rádio Mega Hits

Cascais 2018 @ Rádio Mega Hits

8th february

we went to Mega Hits the official Radio of Cascais 2018 European Youth Capital with Katarina and Jessica winners of our online contest, to participate in the Open Day of the World Radio Day. 

During the "Snooze" program we talked to Rui Maria Pêgo and Maria Correia where, in addition to the questions they exchanged with our guests, we had the opportunity to talk a little bit about the Cascais 2018 project and about some of the opportunities that are waiting for you in Cascais this year.

In the end we also had the chance to continue watching the live broadcast of the show and visited the studios facilities to understand better the way a radio works.

A big thank you to Mega Hits, Cascais 2018 is MEGA!