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Are you an Entrepreneur?


The purpose of this course is to inspire the participants' participatory and enterprising spirit to innovate and enable rapid growth. The value of the scholarship at the end is assigned as a form of evaluation of the presented business.


Capital gains from the course:

Participation in this course symbolizes great value for unparalleled participants such as:

-interesting with stakeholders in real time;

-inter disciplinary work in virtual and real environments

-learning in multicultural environments

-learning with other entrepreneurs

-creation and maintenance of a multi-talented network network



4 weeks (156 h)

1 pre-week online

3 weeks in person between July 15 and August 3rd


Course Structure:



Benefits of Acquired Skills:

Personal skills:

-valuate and analyze entrepreneurship as a career choice

-work efficiently in a complex environment of multicultural teams

profiles of interdisciplinary physical and virtual members


Skills in the workplace

-apply creative thinking techniques in approaching your clients - and any other


-plan and prioritize work tasks to manage people, time and resources, and

achieve the expected results


Technical skills:

-develop a business idea into a comprehensive and highly scalable business model

applying customer development principles in a real year

-conceiving a successful marketing strategy for your product or service, launching your product or service to the fast market and acquiring customers


Some speakers:

  • Ken Singer - Managing Director at Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley
  •  Klaus Busse – Head of Design at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  •  Sean Johnson - lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Northwestern University
  • Bill Reichert - Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures
  • Danny Lange - Vice President of AI and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies
  • Martin Omander - Program Manager at Google
  • Maher Hakim – Managing Director at Qatar Science & Technology Park
  • Nick De Mey - Co-founder at Board of Innovation
  • On Lu - Partner at Novak Druce LLP
  • Teemu Arina - Biohacker; CEO & Founder at
  • Shira Abel – Founder & CEO at Hunter & Bard
  • Ross Kingsland – Managing Partner at Social Media Thunder



Mentors profile:

  • Proven experience of success in start-up or corporate entrepreneurship, and / orRemarkable history of coaching or initial mentoring
  •  Comprehensive knowledge All key program mentors meet the following criteria:
  •  Proven experience of successful start-up or corporate entrepreneurship, and / or
  • Significant history of coaching or initial mentoring
  • Comprehensive knowledge of an industry-specific domain Excellent interpersonal skills
  • An advanced level of English proficiency in an industry-specific domain
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • An advanced level of English





Example Mentors:

  • Anand Kulkarni - Co-founder & CEO at LeadGenius
  • Alina Adams - Founder & CEO at Artveoli, Inc.
  • Rick Rasmussen - Managing Director at Concordia Ventures
  •  Fred Krieger - Founder & CEO at Scoro Software
  • Mart Maasik - Acting Innovation LAB Director at SEB
  • Peter Mullen - Mentor at Alchemist Accelerator
  •  Phyllis E. Whiteley - Venture Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures
  • P.J. Leimgruber - President at Rank Executives
  • J. Margus Klaar - Partner at Brand Manual
  • Shannon Wu – Founder at Mr. Progress
  • Rodrigo de Alvarenga – Founder & CEO at HAG Consulting
  • Mike Kyriacou – CEO at Strattica Labs



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