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Beach cleaning action on the beach of Carcavelos | World Clean Up Day

On Saturday, September 15, the World Clean Up Day was celebrated, which had a cleaning action on Carcavelos beach, an initiative of Route Portugal.

This action was the first of the organization here in Portugal, which recently arrived through the international NGO Route Brasil, which has implemented more than 200 actions around the world.

Emanuel Gouveia, one of the volunteers who was present at the action on Saturday, told us that from Brazil, the organization went to the United States, from the United States to Indonesia and also to Europe.

On the same day, cleaning actions were also carried out in Italy, Brazil and the United States.

The objective of the NGO, Emanuel continued, "is to minimize the impact of the garbage on the planet through beach cleaning, the main actions of the organization. The actions are initiated with yoga, to promote physical exercise, indications and even a kind of mantra, a Route tradition, and only then we begin the cleaning, 45 minutes. Next, we sort the garbage, according to the type of trash and the material that is for later depositing it in its respective place. We encourage people to give new life to the trash, associating us with the artistic part and opening horizons ».

This action was carried out in partnership with the Cascais European Youth Capital 2018.