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Inauguration of CRIARTE

On September 23, Sunday, a new space was inaugurated, formerly known as Vitoria Cine de Carcavelos or Ludance. This space is now called CREATE and is absolutely dedicated to the creative youth of the village.

The rehabilitation of the building started with a participatory budget project, launched by the CRIATIVA youth association, which now has its headquarters in CriArte, together with the Palco da Tua Arte youth association.

This then becomes a space where a cultural program of quality is offered daily, diversified and intergenerational. Here you will find an auditorium that houses about 200 spectators, a new Cascais Jovem store and a café.

The inauguration was attended by the mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, the Commissioner of Cascais European Youth Capital 2018, Catarina Marques Vieira, the councilman of Youth, Nuno Piteira Lopes, and the President of the Carcavelos-Parede Town Council , Nuno Filipe Ferreira Alves.

The stage was premiered by Brazil Dub, which was taken by Creative, also by Reasons to Dance and by Eclipx SKBN, taken by the Stage of Your Art.

The youth artist community now has a new home!