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O que move os jovens?

The Conference "What causes move young people?" Is taking place today in the cultural center of Cascais!

The meeting opened with Catarina Marques Vieira, European Youth Capital Commissioner, who spoke about the need to bring young people closer to political and European causes, the creation of the Youth Observatory and the need to understand and understand the ambitions and expectations of young people. He also emphasized the need for intergenerational justice since traditional democracies do not respond to the needs of young people.

He layed the questions on how to overcome these difficulties and suggested updating the democratic system through the integration of young people through their ambitions thus giving young people the right really concert to make their decisions.
The young people are all different and it is necessary that the identity of each one and the possibility of having space to participate is respected.

It was followed by the Mayor of Cascais who praised the best European Youth Capital ever, welcomed the ISCTE and the Catholic University who were also present along with the Cidadela secondary.
The European Youth Capital Bid is a transforming and inspiring brand for Cascais stressed Carlos Carreiras which reflects what young people live and feel here in Cascais at this stage of life.

This was followed by the beginning of the panel with the presence of four youth associations, three cascalenses and one from Oporto:

Movimento Claro: Carolina Gonçalves
An environmental movement that began with the fight against straws used in commercial establishments, today there are more than 60 associates

Association from Base to Top: Vasco Galhardo Simões;
Cultural association that aims to support young artists in the exhibition, dissemination and sale of their works;

Pegadas Association: Marta Carreiras
Association of holiday camps that works with 5 institutions located in disadvantaged districts of the counties of Cascais and Amadora.

Ex-Aequo Network: Paulo Carvalho da Silva
 association of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex youth and supporters aged between 16 and 30 in Portugal. It aims to work in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or intersex youth and social information regarding issues of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

The panels will continue for the rest of the day with a period devoted to studies and diagnoses on the political participation of young people in the European Union, participation in elections, main areas of intervention and feelings of belonging towards Europe in the 21st century.
Speakers: Nuno Almeida Alves (ISCTE) and Nuno Sampaio (Catholic University)