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Jota Joti Cascais 2018

On the weekend of 19, 20 and 21 October, the Guides and Scouts meet in Cascais for a radio and internet communication activity that connects young people from all over the world from the movements founded by Baden-Powell .

Being Cascais the European Capital of Youth in 2018, this was the site chosen to gather hundreds of young people in an unrepeatable activity.
With the support of the Cascais City Council and the Cascais European Youth Capital 2018, the three associations of the Scout / Guidista nature joined forces to organize a three-day activity of sharing, sharing and adventures.

The weekend will begin by bringing together the oldest group of guides and scouts of the movements, on Friday, at the Fort of St Antonio in Estoril.
Saturday begins with an opening ceremony at 9:30 am in the Parque Marechal Carmona and the afternoon will be filled with various activities by the Municipality.
On Sunday the public will have the opportunity to try some activities that took place during the weekend. There will be a radio station set up so that anyone outside the movement can experience radio communication and realize that this is the world's biggest JOTA / Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) event.

Portuguese Guias Association

The Guias de Portugal Association (AGP) is a public non-profit association, based on volunteering and promoting Guiding. Guiding is a non-formal education movement, whose main objective is to "provide girls and young women with the opportunity to fully realize their potential as responsible universal citizens."
AGP develops its activities in four age groups: Ramo Avezinha (6-10 years), Ramo Aventura (10-14 years), Caravela Branch (14-17 years) and Ramo Moinho (17-21 years), which are guided by leaders with specific pedagogical training.
Guiding aims to contribute to the formation of character, through an active pedagogy, educating for autonomy and responsibility, based on the game and the experience of 4 Constants: life on patrol, outdoor life, commitment and progression.
The Guias de Portugal Association is a member of the WAGGGS - the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts - which is the largest women's and young women's organization with 10 million members spread across 150 countries. WAGGGS has been instrumental in community education and development projects while participating in various programs promoted by the United Nations and its specialized departments.

Associação Escoteiros de Portugal

Os Escoteiros de Portugal são uma associação educativa para jovens, sem fins lucrativos, reconhecida de
utilidade pública.
São os fundadores do Escotismo Português e a mais antiga organização
juvenil portuguesa, representando em Portugal, o escotismo aberto a todos –
independente, interconfessional e multiétnico.
Os Escoteiros de Portugal são a segunda maior organização juvenil portuguesa e contam com mais de 13 mil jovens em cerca de 150 unidades locais espalhadas por todo o Continente e Regiões Autónomas.

Os Escoteiros de Portugal são membros fundadores da Federação Escotista de Portugal, que é composta pelas duas únicas associações escotistas nacionais reconhecidas internacionalmente e estão inseridos no maior movimento para jovens de todo o mundo, através da Organização Mundialdo Movimento Escotista (WOSM), que congrega mais de 30 milhões deescoteiros, jovens e adultos, rapazes e raparigas, em 216 países e territórios.
Enquadram-se nas suas atividades e no método de educação não formal que utiliza, a proteção e o contacto com a natureza, a educação ambiental,a intervenção social, a cooperação para o desenvolvimento, a promoção para o voluntariado social, a educação para a paz, a cultura, o desporto, a
educação para a saúde e a formação de adultos.


Scout Association of Portugal

Scouts of Portugal are an educational non-profit association for young people, recognized by
public utility.
They are the founders of Portuguese Scouting and the oldest organization
Portuguese youth, representing in Portugal, the scouting open to all -
independent, interfaith and multiethnic.
The Scouts of Portugal are the second largest Portuguese youth organization and have more than 13 thousand young people in about 150 local units scattered throughout the Continent and Autonomous Regions.


What is the Jamboree and Jota / Joti?
Jamboree's are international Scout and Guide camps that are held periodically. An original idea of the founder of the youth movements - Robert Baden-Powell - that after World War I found it necessary a meeting to promote the friendship between the young people of the several
In the 1957 Jamboree came the J.O.T.A - Jamboree On The Air (Jamboree On The Air) that links Scouts and Guides around the world via radio waves, in an exchange of ideas and experiences as a way to promote international friendship.
Later, following the inevitable technological evolution of the times, J.O.T.I - Jamboree On The Internet (Jamboree on the Internet) appeared for the same motivation.