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This is not the End of Your European Youth Capital

The European Youth Capital is an initiative created in 2009 by the European Youth Forum, a platform of youth organizations from across Europe that includes European national youth organizations, where Portugal is represented by the CNJ - National Youth Council.

The title given by the European Youth Forum aims to recognize a city that stands out for:

  • To develop a dynamic in the youth field in terms of cultural, social, political and economic life;
  • Promote the active participation of young people in society;
  • To present itself as a model for youth policies;
  • Promote relations between the European institutions and the local level;
  • Promote European Citizenship in parallel with other citizenships.

During this year of 2018 the title was ours, on January 23 we celebrated the official opening of this year full of events, initiatives and moments that marked the youth in Cascais and in Portugal , and on December 14 we will mark the end of this year in which we were the best European youth capital as usual.

But the news do not end here ... stay tuned!