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Ciclo de Conversas | Os ídolos da nossa juventude

Cascais is, in 2018 European Capital of Youth, and as such the Musical Recreational Society of Carcavelos, intends to "dialogue" on the youth over the last decades, in a cultural perspective - music and theater.


Thus, we will have sessions dedicated to several decades, where we will have a conversation about the idols and the respective cultural panorama, with guests that symbolize the time in question.


The venue chosen for this event is the auditorium of CriArte by Cascais Jovem, in Carcavelos as soon as November 10 and will be approached the 70's at 11:30 and the 80's at 03:30 p.m.

These conversations are moderated by Dina Isabel.


 This event has a charitable and although the entry is free is asked to take 1 liter of milk to donate to families supported by the Community Center of the Parish of Carcavelos.


At the end of the day the Light Orchestra of the Musical Recreative Society of Carcavelos directed by the Master Cristina Nogueira Pereira will perform with melodies from the 70s and 80s.