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Maior Aula de Química do Mundo 2018

Today we made history here in Cascais.

The initiative that gathered 1400 students from grades 7 to 9 of 15 public and private schools in the county, which was a record to be recorded on Guinness World Records.

Currently, this record is registered in Belgium (Mechelen) in a class with 1018 students. The initiative, integrated in Education Week, was a challenge launched by the European Youth Capital Cascais 2018 to Science 4 You, which will be responsible for providing all the materials for the experiences that the young people will carry out.

During the class, the students' experience, called Rockets, consists of mixing baking soda and citric acid with water. A mixture that gave rise to the release of carbon dioxide that, when released in large quantities, triggers the increase of pressure and the consequent launch of rocket!

But this is the practical part of the chemistry class because the theoretical class, which precedes the experiment, will be taught by a group of Famelabers (young scientists) who, through small 5-minute interventions, talked about the most fun and captivating side of Science.

This activity was sponsored by the British Council and it marked the best European Youth Capital ever!!