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The End of The Best European Youth Capital ever

"Youth is a priority in Cascais, it was already and will continue to be," said Catarina Marques Vieira, Commissioner of the European Youth Capital 2018.

 Cascais said goodbye to the title on Friday night, December 14, 2018 at the Estoril Congress Center, before thousands of young people where the testimony was passed to the city of Novi Sad in Serbia, which in 2019 will become the European Capital of Youth.


João Paulo Sousa, ambassador of the Cascais European Youth Capital, said: "Normally in the farewells there is that feeling of a little sadness or nostalgia but not today, today is a joy of mission accomplished and is what we are celebrating here at this closing party. "

The Ambassador added that "it is absolutely extraordinary to arrive at the end of this year and realize that there were more than 400 events, more than 25 nationalities and thousands and thousands of young people who made Cascais the European Capital of Youth that we wanted a year ago ".

Our Commissioner for the European Youth Capital, Catarina Marques Vieira, said that this year "Cascais has met and exceeded expectations". Catarina Marques Vieira also said that "we had all of Europe with our eyes on us, with immense hope and I think we knew how to give back this movement of hope that we have created for Portugal, for Europe and for the whole world."

Nuno Piteira Lopes, a councilor at the Cascais Town Hall, thanked "all and all those who made it here in Cascais the best European Youth Capital that has ever been held and this is due to the work of these people who have committed themselves and strove for Cascais to mark this position of strength. "

The mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, said he was "more than happy, I am very proud of the youth of Cascais. Reacted and acted in an absolutely extraordinary way throughout the European Youth Capital year. " For the president the title goes, but the values, principles and participation of young people with a capacity to positively influence the future remained.

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, could not be present but made a point of leaving his message on video, where he recognized that the European Capital of Youth 2018: "was a great success for portugal because throughout the year the country met a series of events centered on Cascais and focused on youth, bringing to us thousands of young people and hundreds of initiatives with a forward-looking dynamism that contributed, in its way, to a more united, stronger and more prospective Europe. " During this years there were innumerable selfies with the president derived from the events in which he was present.

At the closing ceremony, thanks were also given to all the youth associations in Cascais and to all the employees and departments of the Cascais City Hall and the municipal companies. Diplomas were also delivered to the 17 schools that participated in the Greatest Chemistry Class ever and helped to get the event to the Guinness World Record. On stage were also the youngsters from the Palco da Tua Arte Association and sang and played the members of the mixed tunnel, the Tunística, of the Superior School of Hospitality and Tourism of Estoril.

The HMB, also ambassadors of the European Youth Capital, delighted everyone present and followed up after performances by Funkyou3, Rebelkidscrew and Karetus.

The volunteers Cascais 2018 followed the stage, this bag that counts with more than 600 registrations!

See here all the photos.

Congratulations to all of you. Together we have become the Best European Youth Capital ever.