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Cascais Got Talent

Cascais Got Talent

23rd june 2018

In the context of Cascais 2018: European Youth Capital 2018, the Palco da Tua Arte- youth association - promotes the Young Talent Contest "Cascais Got Talent!" With the aim of encouraging, recognizing and promoting individual or group artistic development of young people students and / or Associate Members of Youth Organizations of the Municipality of Cascais, aged between 12 and 25 years old.


The objective of this contest is to:

Publicize the importance of Art for human development and allow its involvement in the daily life of our young people, boosting local urban innovation

To promote the participation of young people in the activities of the local community, recognizing their individual and / or group work as a fundamental element for the development of the young population

Encourage young people to promote and recognize paths in the various artistic areas, as a possibility in the construction of their life projects

To reward young people and / or groups of young people for the value shown in their artistic area, integrating as criteria: dedication, responsibility, cooperation, creativity and innovation.



Applications may integrate the various forms of art in which the participants use the body or the voice as a form of artistic expression, such as:

Musical instruments
Percussion through unconventional instruments
Circus and Acrobatic Arts
Stand up comedy

After the auditions the semi finals and finals will take place on June 23 at Cascais Art Fest to be held in the Jardins do Casino Estoril.